Datum Organiserende vereniging Locatie 
NSTB-weekend 16-17 September 2017 NSTB Woudenberg
NSTC1 18 November 2017 Saturnus Maastricht
OW 16 December 2017 U-turn Utrecht
NSTC2 24 February 2018 STUGG Groningen
NSK Springen 17 March 2018 Linea Recta  Enschede
NSK Meerkamp 12 May 2018 U-turn Utrecht
GNSK 9/10 June 2018 Split Wageningen
Funastics 16 June 2018 Euroturn Rotterdam

Every year four competitions are organized by associations affiliated with the NSTB (the Dutch student gymnastics union). Two of these competitions are called NSTC (the Dutch student gymnastics competition) and at the end of the year, there is the 'NSK turnen' (Dutch student championship gymnastics) and the 'NSK springen' (Dutch student championship vaulting). In these competitions, gymnasts from student gymnastics associations (STVs) all over the Netherlands compete against each other. Every competition is organized by a different STV.

The competitions are each all-round based. The women's apparatus are vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor. The men's apparatus: vault, pommel horse, (still) rings, floor, parallel bars and high bar. If you would prefer not to compete on every apparatus, that's no problem at all! With regards to the NSK springen: this competition consists of some unique apparatus, such as tumbling and trampolining.

At the end of a competition day, there is usually a fun demonstration or workshop. After that, it's time to relax! Following a joint dinner, a party will be hosted. For the people who want to party until late at night, it's possible to stay the night and attend breakfast the next morning. We're all about giving a great performance but also having a good time with each other!

All the information with regards to the rules and regulations (the general participation regulations, the women's, the men's and the vaulting regulations) can be found under the heading 'Regulations' on NSTB.


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