Anne Erkelens

Hi, I'm Anne. Since December 2020 I'm a trainer on Thursdays. I live with my boyfriend and two prince cats in Odijk, but I was born and raised in Utrecht and that's where my heart really lies. I have been involved in gymnastics for a long time, first as a fanatic recreational gymnast and from the age of 16 as a trainer. When I was 23 I went abroad for a number of years, where I missed giving training a lot. When I returned to the Netherlands in Corona time and having a full-time job, I still looked for an opportunity to get back into the sport and that's how I came to U-turn! I work at an Executive Search agency as a coordinator. In addition to work and gymnastics, I am a cat mom, I like to meet up with friends and family, I love good food and I exercise 3 mornings a week with my boyfriend. I also like to tie skates under my feet in the summer and I would love to pick up salsa dancing again. I think it's a lot of fun at U-turn and I'm always open for a fun or serious chat, but you can also always go to me for training questions. Just come to me in the gym or before or after training! Anne

Chris Close

My name is Chris Close. I have been a trainer at U-turn since 2019 and I can be found there on Mondays.  Before I was a trainer at U-turn,I have practiced gymnastics my whole life and was a coach at another club for several years. Helping and seeing the people who come to gymnastics practices gives me a joy every week. Hopefully our cozy club may welcome you soon! Greetings Chris.

Elise Jordaans

Hiii, I'm Elise. I have been giving training at U-turn since September 2021. I became a member of U-turn in February 2018 and after my board year in 2020-2021 I found that it was a good moment to also become a trainer at the best gymnastics association. I started doing gymnastics when I was 8, and I started assisting toddlers, what we called “pre-gym,” when I was 10, at the gymnastics association Achilles W.I.L. Almelo. I assisted these kids for a long time. I stopped teaching those classes, where I was now head coach, when I was 20. In 2021 I started giving training at Longa, where I now also give training sessions in addition to U-turn. I think that te best thing about giving training is chatting with people, oops... But I also really enjoy seeing what people are doing and the progress they are making. I hope to see you in the gym soon!

Stefan Dusée

Well, I’m Stefan (which you already saw in the title, but makes a convenient opening sentence …), and consider myself the ‘old hand’ in the group of trainers. Not only because of my (relative) age, which is just marginally higher than most in the club, but mostly because I’ve been a gymnastics trainer for the greater part of my life. For people that have already met me this might come as a surprise, but I was actually also a gymnast for over 25 years – but that was a while back, I have to make an effort to remember that part of my life – and being a gymnast in an inspiring environment means that at some point you get the stimulus to become an assistant trainer. With one thing leading to another I ended up training the elite gymnasts of the Netherlands at the moment in Den Bosch, with experiences at all levels in the years in between. One of these experiences actually was being a trainer for U-turn (2012 – 2020 I think), and the fond memories of that period made it an easy decision to return (October '23) and train the students now on Sunday evenings. Hope to meet you there...