Jennifer van Kuik

Hi! I’m  Jennifer. I am a coach at U-turn since December 2019! I teach on Monday and Sunday. I like to focus on personal goals, and want to see everyone grow in gymnastics! I am always in for good ideas and I like to work on more difficult elements. I do gymnastics at national level and I also teach at another association. So no lack of experience! Hopefully see you soon! Greetingsss

Chris Close

My name is Chris Close. I have been a trainer at U-turn since 2019 and I can be found there on thursdays.  Before I was a trainer at U-turn,I have practiced gymnastics my whole life and was a coach at another club for several years. Helping and seeing the people who come to gymnastics practices gives me a joy every week. Hopefully our cozy club may welcome you soon! Greetings Chris.

Tom de Laat

Hi, I'm Tom I have been a coach at U-turn since March 2019. As a coach at a student gymnastics club, I think it is very important that everyone has a good time. This means something different for everyone, so I try to adapt to that. Furthermore, I am always in for a drink after the training, and besides the training, you will also often come across me during activities.

Vera Biesterbosch

Hi, I'm Vera I am 21 years old. I study exercise therapy Cesar at the Hogeschool Utrecht. This year (2020) I became a member of the wonderful U-turn coach team. I've given training before at different gymnastics and acro gymnastics associations. With my own experience, from both gymnastics and acro gymnastics I would like to contribute to the techniques of the U-turn gymnasts. Besides that, I think it is important that there's room for fun, laughter and being in good company (both during and outside the training sessions). I'm very much looking forward to next season. Vera