Resting members

There are two types of resting members: passive resting members and active resting members. Passive resting members may participate in all activities, but must pay extra for open practices and summer practices. Active rest members may attend all activities, all open trainings and summer trainings. Open training sessions take place once a month, the dates can be found here. As a ‘resting’ member you can also attend our additional open training sessions which take place during official holidays and school breaks. The board will communicate the dates of these sessions with its members. All sessions take place at the Gymnasium located at Grebbeberglaan 1. Do you want to become a resting member? You can register via this link!

Membership fees

The membership fees for passive and active resting membership. Passive resting members pay €35,- for a whole year. Active resting members pay €55,- for a whole year. You cannot register for a half year as ‘resting’ member. This means that when you become a ‘resting’ member in February, you still pay €35,- or €55,-, depending on the type of resting membership.

If you are interested, you can send us an email at