Since 2012 we have organised a monthly open training session on Sunday. This practice is free to attend for all (rest)members and donors. We also invite all sister student gymnastics associations and externals. These practices are from 19.00h till 21.00h (unless otherwise indicated) in the gymnasium at Sportcomplex Nieuw-Welgelegen at the Grebbeberglaan in Utrecht. Because this is a distinct practice with lots of externals, it is a little less organised than our regular practices. Our coaches will still be present to help you, but you are free to choose your own training plan.

The dates for the open training sessions in 2020-2021 are as follows:

20 September 2020
25 October 2020
(unfortunately the rest of the training sessions are closed for externals due to new covid measures)
22 November 2020
20 December 2020
17 January 2021
14 February 2021
14 March 2021
11 April 20201
9 May 2021
6 June 2021

Because there is a maximum amount of people allowed to train in the gymnasium at once, it is essential to register timely for every open practice. This goes for externals, but also for (rest)members and donors. A registration form will be posted online. If you registered for an open practice but are unable to go later, you can email to unsubscribe. The training costs €5 euros for externals. 

You can also purchase a ‘strippenkaart’ for our open practices. With this, you can attend 5 open practices for 20 euros, which means you attend one practice for free! Even in possession of a ‘strippenkaart’, you do have to register timely for every open practice and unsubscribe by email when you are unable to go. The ‘strippenkaart’ is a digital subscription and you can find it here.