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Are you a student? Interested in gymnastics? And would you like to work out and have a little extra fun (‘gezelligheid’) on the side? Then feel welcome to drop by and join one of our practices for free! You can register using the form below. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

*A trial training session with us means you can participate in one of our practices to see if you would like to get a membership with us. A trial training session is not for us to select the most competent gymnasts, everyone is welcome!


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    Skill level does not matter

    We often get asked the question what skill level is required to partake in our training sessions. The answer is simple: It does not matter! There are members who have never done gymnastics before they joined our association. And on the other side there are members who have done competitions when they were younger. During the training you will determine the tempo. The trainer will always try to make sure everyone stays challenged.

    Training moments in summer break 2023

    During summer break there are still training sessions at U-turn! So you can do a trial training session during the summer break. The dates and times for the training sessions during the next summer break will be announced later.

    Training moments

    Dag Tijden
    Monday 21:30-23:00h
    Thursday 21:30-23:00h
    Friday 19:30-21:00h
    Sunday 19.00-21.00h

    The days above indicate what days we have training sessions at U-turn. If you want to join us for a training session, please enter one of these training moments in the form.