U-turn also organizes a wide variety of activities throughout the year. Below you can find an overview of our committees; what they do and who the committee members are. For current and prospective members of U-turn who are interested in joining a committee, send the board an email! (u.turn.utrecht@gmail.com)

Board Activities

Apart from the general board duties the board of U-turn also organizes events throughout the year. These may include: a cobo (Constitution drinks), exchanges with other student sports associations, new members drinks and an active members trip. Furthermore, the board is also responsible for the participation in non U-turn events, such as: NSTB competitions (Dutch Student Gymnastics Federation), the Batavieren race.


The Accie, also known as the activities committee organizes 1-2 activities a month to get to know your gymnastics buddies. Fun and sports activities are alternated, examples of past activities are: drinks, the biercantus, creative and sports clinics, movie and game nights and much more. You can contact the committee directly by e-mailing u.turn.actief@gmail.com

The current committee members of 2023/2024 are: Sanne H, Irene H, Jedidja, Julia, Maurits and Siem.


The Adviescie is the advisory committee which is made up from former board members. Its task is to assist the current board by offering advice. The Adviescie and board convene a couple times a year. 

The current committee members of 2023/2024 are: Elise J,  Eva and Imke.

Dies committee

The Dies committee was established in 2009 and organizes an annual activity for the anniversary of U-turn. Each year has a different theme, past themes include: ‘Bongo in the Congo’, ‘Oh Oh Olympics’, ‘Over the Top’, ‘Deep in the Sea’ and ‘Ten Shades of Blue’. The theme of the lustrum in 2022 was ‘Crystal Kingdom,’ and in 2023 the theme of the dies was ‘My BIG Sweet 16’!

The current committee members of 2023/2024 are: Daan S, Djon, Koen de G, Max and Sophie P.


The Camp committee organises a weekend long camp for all U-turn members at the beginning of the season. The camp is the best activity for new members to get to know the association and its members. Every year the camp has a different theme and is filled with activities, fun and gymnastics! The theme of this year was ‘circus’.

The committee members for next season are: Eva, Lott, Rinse and Sophie P. 


De Kasco (auditing committee), is responsible for monitoring the financial state of the association. To that end they also function as an advisory body for the treasurer. 

The current committee members of 2023/2024 are: Frank, Hanna, Kevin and Michel.

Magazine committee

The Magazine committee creates the one and only U-turn magazine. This magazine issues a couple times a year and is distributed digitally amongst our members. Each magazine includes the latest news, activity reports and of course the best U-turn gossip.

The editors of this season are: Britt, Chris C, Daan B, Daniël, Juliette and Laurien. 

NSTC-1 ’23 Committee

In 2023, the NSTC-1 (one of the competitions of the NSTB) took place in Utrecht. We had the honor to organize this! In order to do this, we of course needed committee members who wanted to make sure that everything’s in place to compete to the other Dutch student gymnastic organizations.

The committee members of 2023/2024 were: Bente, Daniel, Djon, Douglas, Elise P, Lonneke and Maren. Do you want to help organising the NSK next season? Send an e-mail to u.turn.utrecht@gmail.com

Internal Competition committee

Apart from participation in NSTB competitions, U-turn also organizes its own competition every year. The Internal Competition committee is responsible for this competition, which is the best place to try out your newest skill, get some competition experience and simply have fun with your gymnastics buddies. The competition also features a reverse competition, which allows the men and women to swap events. Creativity is key and you’ll see many of our men competing in shiny leotards and women showing off their muscles on the still rings. The competition has a different theme each year and is concluded with drinks. 

The current committee members of 2023/2024 were: Christel, Daimy, Eline, Eva and Evelien.


The PromoCie (PR-committee) is responsible for promoting U-turn through the use of our social media accounts, like Instagram and Facebook.

The current committee members of 2023/2024 are: Imke, Katja, Sofie H, Sophie S and Yoni.


The Tripcie was established in 2019 and organizes a U-turn weekend trip during the summer break. This weekend usually takes place somewhere in the Netherlands and is the best way to catch up with your gymnastics buddies in the summer.

The committee members of 2023/2024 are: Daniël, Eline, Carlijn and Sofie H.

Wintersports committee

Since 2017 the Wintersports committee has organized a skiing/snowboarding trip (usually around February) to a destination in Europe. This week long trip has become a highlight of each year and promises to be a week filled with snow, fun and beer.

The committee members of 2023/2024 were: Raoul, Sofie H and Tom.