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Studying in Utrecht?

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Welcome to the student gymnastics association of Utrecht!

On the 5th of April 2007 U-turn was founded. U-turn is a gymnastics association which welcomes student gymnasts of all levels. Each year beginners start who have never done a handstand, while others have been practicing gymnastics for years. This year we have about 120 enthusiastic members!


Besides practicing gymnastics, we also organise a lot of fun activities, approximately two per month. There is a lot of variety in our activities. For example, our various committees organize creative workshops, a karaoke session and a barbeque. Furthermore, we occasionally organize exchanges with others student sports associations and we often drink a beer together after our training


U-turn takes part in student gymnastics competitions. There are approximately four each year which are hosted in various cities throughout the Netherlands. A competition day is followed by dinner and a party with the possibility to spend the night on location. We also offer our members the opportunity to compete in the regular competitions organized by the KNGU (Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation).


Are you interested in gymnastics and are you a student? U-turn might be something for you! If you want to know more about a training or other fun things we do, look around on our website! For more information you can always send an e-mail to