Mommy-daddy day | Ma 3 nov

Dear new U-turners, 

Since we absolutely don't want you to drown in this unfamiliar sea of blue, we would like to offer you a little family. Your family will consist of 2 or 3 parents - who already have some experience with swimming - and possibly some brothers and sisters. This evening we will play lots of fun teambonding games to get to know each other a little better. It will be a competition between families, so the better your glue, the more you turn blue.

P.s. you don't have to bring your swimsuit, as long as you're responsible with the booze.

Sign up through facebook, the list in the hall or by sending a personal message to a member of the activities committee!  

Location: Saffierlaan 8
Starting time: 16:00
Expected costs: < €5,- 
Final sign in date: Monday the 29th of October
Final sign out date: Monday the 29th of October