Training Monday

On Mondays the training is from 21.30 - 23.00. The gym is located on the grebbeberglaan at sports park Nieuw Welgelegen. On Monday our trainers Stefan and Lucy provide guidance and structural aid!  We also tend to focus on international students on Monday and will provide more English explanations. This means we encourage international student to come and train on this day.

We always start with a warm-up of half an hour, after which we start to train on the different gymnastics apparatus. Often the trainers spend about 30 minutes to practice 1 or 2 specific themes. You are free to join in with these themes or enjoy yourself on one of the other apparatus. In the new gym there is space for every level and age, and there is plenty of equipment available for everyone's interests. Besides the standard men's and women's apparatus there is also a trampoline track, airtumbling track, large trampoline and all kinds of practice situations around the pit with blocks.

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