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On this page you will find the results of the matches.

Seizoen 2017 - 2018

NSTC 1 2017 Maastricht: was an exceptionally successful match. With some of the participants we left Friday towards Maastricht to spend the first night there, so we did not have to get up too early the next day to be present at the first group. Some of the participants had to get up early to travel from Utrecht to Maastricht by car. The first group of participants could get started with the competition and the second group of participants stood enthusiastically to encourage and film / photograph. After a nice first game laps, we were presented a nice hakkuh by Pegasus before the start of the second game, after which he could really start. A whole bunch of flags and mascots have been scratched throughout the day (U-turns flag and mascot is still safely in possession of U-turn!) And we, as U-turn, have also been able to scratch the mascot of Pegasus. After a day full of sports, it was time for the medial ceremony. You can see the results below! The competition day ended with a nice party where a lot of pieten and sinterklazen (and a lost Piet Mondriaan) walked around.

Heren 1    
Michiel J       3e Vloer     3e  Voltige  
Luca U 2e Brug  


Heren 2            
Michel R 2e Meerkamp 3e Vloer 3e Voltige 2e Sprong 2e Brug

1e Rek


Dames 3

Esther U     2e balk  
Judith de V    1e balk    2e  Brug
Luca ten V 3e Sprong  


Heren 3    
Faust van der M  1e Ringen    1e Rek
Tim van R  1e Vloer  


Dames 4  
Loes B    1e Vloer
Dominique S  2e meerkamp


Heren 4  
Alex Ben H 2e Ringen    
Daniel G 3e Sprong


Dames 5  
Lydia B      3e Vloer


Seizoen 2016 -2017

NSK Meerkamp 2017 Groningen

NSTC 2 2017 Eindhoven

NSK Springen 2017 Utrecht

NSTC 1 2016 Wageningen

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